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Charitable giving is one of the three fundamental principles of Freemasonry.  Save for the National Lottery, Freemasonry is the largest donor group to registered charities in the United Kingdom.  

Whilst all Freemasons are encouraged to give to charity at meetings, the amount of your donations is strictly private, there is no minimum amount expected and no pressure.  It should be a pleasure to give and you should not donate beyond what you feel comfortable with. 

In providing donations to charity in the U.K., Masonic charity operates on a national level via the Masonic Charitable Foundation and at local level supporting many organisations and individuals both inside and outside the Masonic community. 

The John Carpenter Lodge is active in raising funds for charity which are donated to both masonic and non-masonic causes.  In addition to donations to Masonic appeals each year, the John Carpenter Lodge annually donates lodge funds to a charity chosen by the Worshipful Master of the Lodge for that year.  We have recently donated to many worthy causes including:

… and many others including various local hospices. And, of course, many of our members are active in raising money for many charities outside their Masonic lives.


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